Cocolá Grande

Chapter 9

Adentro de nuestra casa Cocola Grande

Our family having lunch inside our little kitchen in Cocolá Grande.

Foto de los padres de Marcos en la finca de cardamomo.

Coffee and cardamom crop season was an intensive work for all our family in the Cocolá Grande community. Lunch hour was a truly awaited moment to share food and freshen up. In this picture, Mamá Lucía is having a corn made drink while Andrés (blue shirt) and little Antonio (wearing a hat) awaits under a shadow of cardamom plants.

Retrato de mamá Lucia.

This is a picture of Mamá Lucía taken by the back side of our little wooden cottage in Cocolá Grande village. Behind this house we buried Dinky, my pet, when it died. Mom helped me dig a hole in the ground. To this day, that moment is still one of my saddest childhood memories.