Blood of our Blood

Chapter 8

Papá Marcos en su taller.

Radios and audio cassette recorders were taken to my dad’s electronic workshop Electronic Center the New Providence. He learned to fix radios during his incredible trip to Guatemala city when he was 10. A trip that lasted around 4 years. That skillset he had learned, sustained our family during several years, a skill that he also taught my brother Andres and Leonardo.

Foto de Marcos y sus dos primos en su infancia.

Cousin Lorenzo lived in Cocolá Grande, a rural village where we spent our school vacations working in our little family farm. My brother Leonardo is in the middle, wearing a cap and I’m with my loving dog Dinky.

Foto familiar junto al perro Dinky.

Dinky never stood still. In this picture, he (dog) is walking in front of all my siblings and cousins. I’m the one wearing a blue shirt to the left in the picture.

Mi papá junto a mi Andrés, Juanita, Antonio, Eulalia y yo.

This is an external view of dad’s radio repair workshop. It was located in the urban center of Santa Eulalia village. Papá Marcos is wearing a vest. Andrés stands next to Juanita who is wearing a white blouse; Antonio is to the right of Juanita, the littlest sibling at that moment; then Eulalia and me to her right.