A Little Dove in flight

Chapter 6

Foto antigua de Mamá Lucía y Juana.

Lucía, my mom, held my older sister Juana. She was less than a year old.  Mom and dad would have never imagined that Juana would pass away so young at one of the plantations while working and when they were far away from home.

Foto antigua de los padres de Marcos junto a su hermana Juana.

Mamá Lucía wears in this family portrait her ceremonial white dress, called «Col» or Guipil–which she inherited from her mom, from her grandmother, her great grandmother and so on. I wasn’t born yet and Juana, the second of all my siblings, was still alive. My dad holds her. In this picture he is using his black wool “Capixay”, the male q’anjob’al traditional clothing.

Foto familiar en la finca.

This picture was taken during the coffee crop season in the region located in a rural zone called San Miguel Pochuta, Chimaltenango. It is more than 200 kilometers from Santa Eulalia. My mom and dad took my brothers Andrés, in the middle, and Leonardo, still a baby. Dad holds little Juana, who died during that working trip.