Lucía and Marcos

Chapter 5

Foto de Lucía Marcos y Marcos Andrés.

My beloved parents, Lucía Marcos and Marcos Andrés. Their names in our mother language q’anjob’al were were Lucin Cuxin and Cuxin Antil.

Foto antigua de Lucín Cuxin.

My beautiful mom, Lucía Marcos, passed away in 2016, but remains in our memory as the beautiful person she was inside and out. She was a hardworking woman. In this picture she was about 20 years old.

Foto antigua del padre de Marcos.

After my dad worked several years on seasonal crops in Guatemala’s southern coast, he decided to start his own business and to install his own radio fixing workshop. At the beginning there was not much work in fixing electronics, but little by little the electronics started to arrive. He called his little business The New Providence Electronic Center. My father was a loved person, his friendly attitude was always shining. He was always available to serve his community and that was the reason why he was elected as Santa Eulalia’s vice mayor.

Foto antigua de los padres de Marcos.

My parents always made their best effort on every job and stood firmly united despite the economic and social difficulties they had to face.