Farewell Santa Eulalia

Chapter 3

Adentro de nuestra casa Cocola Grande

School vacations, from October to January, for my siblings and I, for my family was the time to work and earn our livelihood. We traveled each year from Santa Eulalia, our main village to a community called Cocolá Grande, about 50 kilometers or five hours travel, to pick coffee and cardamom. My dad had been granted a little cultivated field there. We lived in a little wooden cottage and in the picture we were in the kitchen, gathered around an open fire for lunch which usually consisted of tortillas and coffee. My mom is on the left and then my sisters María and Juanita; and brothers, Antonio, and Andrés, with the blue shirt.

Mi mamá, hermanas y prima Rosa

Another portrait from Santa Eulalia’s annual fair: a painted landscape background with imaginary buildings set the landscape for our mom, Lucía, holding my sister María.
Standing are Eulalia, with yellow blouse (called güipil), Juanita, in center and my cousin Rosa, looking at my mom.

Santa Eulalia, this wonderful town will always be a very special place for me.