And Justice for All

Chapter 17

Protesta del Movimiento Estudiantil.

In 1995, with the Movimiento Estudiantil Latino school club, we organized a protest against the 187 Initiative, which seeked to cut off basic services like education and health resources for all immigrants that did not have permanent residence or citizenship status, such as me. To the peaceful protests, I took my sister María, who appears here with a white cap.

Protesta del Movimiento Estudiantil.

During our walk along the streets of Los Angeles, California, we demanded to have the 187 initiative dismissed. For people to vote against it. That initiative would affect thousands of immigrant teenagers like me, obstructing them from getting a university education. Mr. Chavez was our class teacher and the mentor in the Movimiento Estudiantil Latino students club.

Marcos dandole la mano a John Lewis.

One of the prices for winning the United Automobile Workers Union essay contest was a trip to Washington D.C. There, we met many important people, including the legendary John Lewis, a great defender of civil rights who walked along side the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.