To the Teacher, With Love

Chapter 16

Foto de Marcos y Mrs. Meredith Croft.

Ms. Meredith Croft was my English teacher at High School. She was not only a devoted teacher, but she also found us books to read to learn faster, either she bought them with her own money or got them from the library for us. 

Marcos con su uniforme de mariscal.

Sport became an important complement to my life, it taught me to have goals and perseverance. Playing football was doing something I had never done before. I am not a tall person, so I couldn’t be a quarterback. But I most definitely was a fierce linebacker.

Marcos en la escuela parroquial.

1990. My teachers were always so important in my life. This was the last picture I took while I was in Santa Eulalia, before I left for the USA. In this picture, we were enjoying an event at the parish elementary school.