Welcome to the USA

Chapter 14

Marcos y sus hermanos en el pequeño apartamento de Los Angeles.

Living in small apartments in Los Angeles, California wasn’t easy, but even so, there were always happy moments. Cousins, brothers and friends of the family gathered on special occasions, for birthdays or for the end of the year holidays. We grew united and together. While we lacked many things, we were blessed to never lack love and happiness.

Una vez superada la crisis idiomática y cultural del inicio, nos integramos como familia al ajetreo diario de la vida en Estados Unidos. Mi papá y mis hermanos mayores, Andrés (sentado) y Leonardo (de verde) trabajaban muy duro para poder darnos a los otros hermanos la oportunidad de estudiar.

In the picture are Andrés (sitting), Leonardo (with green shirt), my father in the purple shirt and I in the colored shirt. My older brothers did a lot of sacrifice for all of us–their younger siblings. Andrés and Leonardo, along with my mom and dad, worked extensive hours throughout the years, to provide us with the opportunity to get an education for a better future.