The Kid with Long Hair

Chapter 12

Estudiantes con banderas e instrumentos musicales durante un acto cívico.

Guatemalan national independence celebration was a special day. It falls on September 15th. During the parades, I enjoyed playing the drum.

Marcos en su adolescencia despeinado.

If I look like a restless boy, it is because I was. This was the age when I spent in two days all the money my parents sent me which was for a month, buying snacks for my friends and I. At this time, one of my elbows got dislocated during one of my frequent pirouettes.

Marcos saltando en escaleras.

When I attended parish elementary school in Santa Eulalia, the nuns told me many times that I needed to cut my hair and behave. I was in sixth grade. A few weeks later, I too left Santa Eulalia for Los Angeles, California.

Selfie de Marcos Antil en su juventud.

I don’t know if I invented selfies, but this analog picture from 1990 is a pretty cool selfie.